Hans-Heinrich Nolte, Manuela Boatcӑ and Andrea Komlosy (Hg.)

Recent legal as well as world-systems scholarship has suggested that migration to wealthy regions is the most effective means of global social mobility for populations in most countries of the world, far surpassing the prospects awarded by a better education, a better job, or one country’s economic growth. Are there recognizable patterns for this reversal of the century-old trend of migration from the core to the periphery? Which sending and receiving regions are primarily involved? What are the main constraints on transnational migration as a form of social mobility?

Political Economy of  the World System Bd. 2; Zur Kritik der Geschichtsschreibung Bd. 13,
Gleichen 2016: Musterschmidt-Verlag
162 Seiten
ISBN    978-3-7881-2034-4